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Full text of "Mathura A District Memoir"

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213                                              Hill


SJr*r WITH 5tpc JUSTS f?iw ^fi n

gin 31% ^ cfK^Fi WW ^H qf! H

we ^ra^i wi1! iiKsre ^ft u

which may he thus translated:

u"Teli we now of Hari Das, the pride of ^sdhir? who sealed the list of the
saints; who, bound by a vow to the perpetual repetition of the two names of
Kanj-biMrij was ever beholding the sportive actions of the god5 the lord of the
Gopis* delights ; who was a very Gaadharv In melodious song and propitiated
Syam and Syama, presenting them with the daintiest food In daily sacrifice and
feeding the peacecks and monkeys and fish; at whose door a king stood waiting
in hope of an interview; Harl Das; the pride of JLsdhir, "who sealed the list of
the saints."

This Is followed by the Gloss3 or Snpplemeni of Friya Das:


wt        wK^re ^CIM %r wnp

nra ml

ira             WT jpr       ^

^ 2^Pf 3fl !^T MH          1


ciK ^^|
ra raw ^9 IHT
may be ferns rendered:
"Who can tell all the perfections of Sri Swaini Hari Das? who by ever
nsntteriog in payer the sacred name           to be the very seal of devotion-
Some one brought Mm perfome that fee valued very highly; he took and threw
it dowB on the hank; the other thought it wasted. Said the sage3 knowing his
thoughts: 'Take and          HJH the god:" he slightly raised the curtain; all